Judgement Call

RMU Alumnus, Mario Vankinscott

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The Impact of Law Enforcement's Actions on the Overall Community Comes to Stage.
One of our very own RMU Alumni will be performing in a play, Judgment Call, this weekend! 
Judgment Call focuses on Detective Frank Cordova, a ruthless figure who impulsive actions while on duty caused the death of an unarmed young black man.  Cordova's disreputable behavior leaves fellow law officers, Officer Roger Vornick and Officer Vernon Mitchell in the line of fire as their actions come into question by their peers, protesters and the media.  As scrutiny increases, Officer Vornick struggles with upholding the "Universal Police Code" or shedding light on the truth regarding the incident.
Mario Vankinscott, 2014 MIS/MBA MGSM alumnus, auditioned for the play and got the role of Officer Vernon Mitchell, bringing to life the impact that law enforcement has on the overall community.
Judgement Call takes place on March 17, 18,19, & 20 at Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago, 60th and Cottage Grove.
To purchase tickets or view the trailer, visit the play's website at: www.soulsavinproductions.com