April Sutton

Professional Stunt Performer and Personal Trainer

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“The biggest advice as a professional is to always learn something new and challenge yourself because if you don’t, you will always stay in the same place,” states April Sutton.


April Sutton is a professional stunt performer and a personal trainer. She recently became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) union. April has been featured as a stunt performer on television shows like Supernatural and Chicago Fire. April has even made it to the big screens, recently featured in the 2014 movie, Divergent. She gives credit to Robert Morris University for her ability to multitask, manage heavy workloads, and her education. April obtained her degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Fitness and Exercise in December of 2009.  April says she chose Robert Morris University because of the accelerated program. “I have always had this go-getter personality and I knew Robert Morris University would be a great match for me,” she says. She says Robert Morris University was perfect for her passion for fitness. “I met some great people along the way and I was even able to be a Fitness Director for some of my former classmates.”

At an early age, April recognized that she wanted to make a difference in the world and now she is able to do just that through her passion for fitness and healthy living. On her website, http://suttonstrong.com/april/ she shares her personal struggle with family health issues, which served as the very motivating factor to maintaining a healthy life style and dedicating her life to fitness. “I knew my decision to become a personal trainer would also help change my family’s future health history in a good way and to do something I love doing, changing lives for the better,” she states on her website.

April is pleased with her education at Robert Morris University and glad that she was able to utilize her education and passion to establish a successful career in fitness and media. In the next five years, April sees herself owning her own gym and becoming a national brand. She also sees herself continuing to work as a stunt performer, building her IMDB account and eventually become a stunt coordinator.

April also seeks to be established enough to “create a lot of job opportunities for others looking to do the same line of work.” She adds that it is important that students network in their Robert Morris community because networking will open job opportunities after college. April also adds that writing down her goals has helped her tremendously. “The biggest advice as a professional is to always learn something new and challenge yourself because if you don’t, you will always stay in the same place,” she says.

Outside of her hard work and many career responsibilities, April spends her time enjoying Chicago by going to movies, festivals, bowling, trying new restaurants and spending time with her family. “Work can become very time consuming and it’s such a great feeling to go back home to see my family,” she says.