Christopher Slouber

Progress Rail Services

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Set goals every month and try to achieve them without overwhelming yourself or getting discouraged

Pursuing  a degree in higher education may seem scary and intimidating for many first generation college students, but it also offers a path of opportunity. Robert Morris University alumnus, Christopher Slouber, was the first in his family to finish the long and arduous college journey. Attending both the Chicago and Orland Park campuses, Slouber successfully completed his undergraduate education, receiving his BBA with a concentration in Accounting in 2011. Currently, Slouber holds the position of Inside Sales Specialist at Progress Rail Services, a segment of Caterpillar Inc.

While at RMU, Slouber took on many opportunities in order to gain valuable skills and prepare himself for a successful career. As a member of the RMU Men’s Hockey Team, Slouber learned the values of teamwork and comradery. He also is an active member of Sigma Beta Delta, where he is able to apply his business coursework to real life situations. Slouber also had the opportunity to attend an accounting summit in Florida with fellow classmates, due to his success in accounting courses. After graduating RMU, he remained at the university as an employee of the Admissions Department, where he worked as an Enrollment Specialist for one and a half years.

The advanced courses at RMU played a large role in Slouber’s career preparedness. Specifically, the coursework of the Cost Accounting class taught Slouber about inventory and manufacturing accounting, which gave him familiarity with the subjects that directly relate to his current position. Also, the Business Law course prepared Slouber for working with the bylaws and contracts in his role on a day to day basis. “Set goals every month and try to achieve them without overwhelming yourself or getting discouraged,” reflects Slouber on what he took away from his studies at RMU.

After graduating RMU, Slouber decided to join the Illinois National Guard Infantry. He successfully completed the Warrior Leadership Course (WLC), a month-long intensive course teaching Specialists and Corporals the necessary skills to lead Soldiers. Slouber has reached a Specialist Rank of E-4 and hopes to reach E-5 and become Sergeant this upcoming year.

In his current position as Inside Sales Specialist, Slouber provides infrastructure for railways in southeast United States. In the near future, Slouber hopes to be involved in Outside Sales at Progress Rail Services. This position would fit his desire to travel, as he would market products to other companies around the country.  

Outside of his busy work schedule and army career, Slouber continues to be passionate for his love of hockey. He is a member of a traveling inline hockey team, called the Cincinnati Smoke. Slouber has also coached several youth hockey leagues, including the Cincinnati Swords and Orland Park Vikings. He also often comes to support the RMU Hockey Program at Hockey Nights.

RMU has helped Slouber grow both on a personal and professional scale. “I was an introvert in high school. I used to panic in front of crowds but I am much more comfortable with my communication skills today. How I carry myself in a large group or in professional settings has definitely evolved,” he reflects.

Receiving a higher education degree motivated Slouber to push forward and create a successful career. Whether he is working in Sales or leading a troop of soldiers, Slouber continues to apply his studies to real life scenarios. “Without my degree I would not have been considered for any of [my current] positions,” he states. By defying expectations, Christopher Slouber has been able to reach success in both his education and career.