Haitham Suleiman

US Bank, Performance Consultant

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Be patient, work hard, and most importantly, love what you do.

Performing as an effective leader is no easy task. The development of strong leadership qualities takes time and effort to master. Robert Morris University strives to be a leader in education and prides itself on transforming RMU students into leaders within their industry.  RMU alumnus, Haitham Suleiman, is a prime example of someone who was given the tools to become a leader while at RMU and has now assumed a leadership role within the workplace.

As a student, Haitham attended the Schaumburg, Bensenville, and Chicago campuses while earning his Bachelor of Business Administration and later his MBA in Management. Haitham earned both of his degrees while working full time at US Bank. It was his perseverance and hard work that lead him to graduation day and up the ladder within US Bank to his current role as Performance Consultant.

While at RMU, Haitham sought out several leadership opportunities both in and outside the classroom. One role in particular, Graduate Assistant Football Coach, provided a plethora of leadership oriented experiences. In the classroom, Haitham was taught skills that helped him learn “the true meaning of leadership and the difference between leadership and management.” The real life experiences shared by his professors really resonated with Haitham and he pick up on a lot of key aspects with regards to being an effective leader in the workplace.

The curriculum and skills he was exposed to while at RMU have carried over to his current position, where he is able to coach and develop fellow employees. Within the next five years, Haitham sees himself leading his own consultant team at the bank, while also teaching at RMU. “The leaders and mentors that I had throughout my career, both professional and personal [have helped me move forward in my career]. My managers took an interest in developing me and helping me grow in my career,” he reflects.

Showing leadership does not only entail leading employees, but also helping out the community. Haitham works with several volunteer organizations, such as Feeding Our Starving Children, United Way, and Junior Achievement. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors for the Leyden Lions Minor League Football Team, where he helps the business committee in making decisions that allow the football league to continue its growth. At the same time, he is also volunteering as a guest speaker at RMU. Haitham was recently recognized as an RMU Distinguished Alumni (Spring 2016).

Being a leader is not an easy task because it requires having the confidence and courage to make tough decisions. Leaders motivate and inspire those around them. As a word of advice to current RMU students, Haitham Suleiman shares, “Be patient, work hard, and most importantly, love what you do.”