Tyler Sturgell

Zynga Inc., Site Reliability Engineer

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Because of the people I met at RMU and networked with, I was able to get a job right out of school.

Upon graduation, Tyler Sturgell, did not waste any time pinning down the perfect job and he attributes much of his success to the curriculum, faculty, and staff at RMU. “I had really great teachers in my computer classes at RMU. I gained a great deal from the many projects required of us in our coursework. Because of the people I met at RMU and networked with, I was able to get a job right out of school at iTV-3 in Peoria.”

Soon after, Sturgell leveraged his experience from iTV-3 to launch himself to the next level in his career. He currently resides in California and works as the Site Reliability Engineer at Zynga Inc., where he manages online security and site maintenance for the gaming company.

As a student, Sturgell majored in computer science and attended classes at the RMU Peoria Campus. He recalls his favorite class being Ethical Hacking, which not only heightened his interest for the industry, but prepared him for his current role. “Mr. Mudra’s class on ethical hacking was by far my favorite time at RMU. I love working in IT Security and I was able to learn a lot in the class as well as teach a lot of what I knew to the professor and other students in class.”

When Sturgell was not learning how to ethically hack into computers, he was on the ice, playing hockey. While he really enjoyed his time playing hockey at RMU, he says that one of the most exciting opportunities was being able to meet and connect with other RMU hockey players out in California.  After all, it is one’s “hockey family that is the next strongest family, after your immediate family.”

Sturgell claims that success after college actually has a lot to do with how you conduct yourself during college. It’s not just about the studying. In fact, Sturgell urges students to go beyond the textbook.  “Find other books and articles to supplement what you are studying. Take on additional projects outside of class and present them on a personal website to showcase your skills,” advises Sturgell.