Anthony Lighthall

Human Resource Recruiter at National Futures Association

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In business, it’s all about working with people.

Anthony Lighthall, Human Resource Recruiter at National Futures Association (NFA), is an RMU alumus currently working in the financial regulatory industry. Anthony graduated in 2009 with his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management.  In pursuit of his MBA, Anthony returned to RMU for “a new challenge,” and earned his master degree with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

Paired with his strong work ethic and coursework, Anthony believes that Robert Morris prepared him to be successful in the work place.  Career management courses allowed him to “brush up on resume techniques and build interviewing skills.”  Furthermore, Anthony stresses the importance of understanding and building networks.  “In business, it’s all about working with people,” says Anthony. He is a strong believer in LinkedIn as the social media tool has provided numerous opportunities to him – including his most recent job offer at NFA. Anthony believes that some of the most vital components to success are keeping connections, keeping up to date and networking with other professionals. Anthony reminds to be aware of our professional presence because, “you never know who you will meet. Always keep your resume updated, be a participant, and volunteer to help.”

During Anthony’s Study Abroad Trip to London, he spent two weeks traveling while enrolled in an independent study and diversity course – an opportunity provided to him through his graduate program. “I wasn’t originally going to go, but I went and now I cannot emphasize enough how much that trip impacted my overall outlook on life.” Anthony attended Regent’s College, where he participated in the study of managerial approaches to diversity at companies in the US and UK. Anthony was challenged to create a Web-based presentation and slide show of his business brief. He also contributed to the home university’s resources on world cultures.

Being active in the professional world, Anthony also dedicates his time and efforts to multiple organizations such as Junior Achievement where he teaches Kindergarten through 12th grade programs to students, fostering work-readiness, entrepreneurship, financial and literary skills as well as inspiring students to dream big and reach their full potentials. In February, Anthony participated in the Ladder Up program where he helps hardworking, low-income families and individuals access financial resources and tools they need to move up the economic ladder. Ladder Up is a tax assistance program that also assists with preparing taxes free of charge for low income, hardworking families, in which Anthony dedicates much of his time. This past spring, Anthony also supported the Chicago Food Depository, aiding the nonprofit organization in food distribution and training centers in local communities.

Since February 2014, Anthony has served as a Chicago Scholars Mentor, volunteering in mentorship, college admissions support, and access to summer internships and career programming. “We reach out to students in under-resourced communities and nurture their talent through an innovative five-year program lasting from the senior year of high school through the senior year of college.” Anthony also serves as a member of the Graduate Alumni Advisory Board for the Morris Graduate School of Management, appointed to hold the position based on demonstrated involvement, support and commitment to the university and the Alumni Association. In June, Anthony was invited by the Director of the University Call Center, to present as a motivational guest speaker to the call center staff. “I attended a staff meeting while providing information on proper phone etiquette, good business skills and sales pitch on University.”

According to Anthony, one of his biggest accomplishments was an idea that he introduced to TCF Bank as an employee, while attending RMU. “I was awarded best idea by my colleagues at TCF Bank.  I developed an idea for an interview workshop.  We visited different colleges, high schools and work placement centers to discuss with individuals on how to interview properly for a job.  This idea was implemented to the entire recruiting team and included the following states: Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.”

In the near future, Anthony will hone much of his energy on his new role as a Human Resource Generalist at NFA, taking on a role requiring knowledge from a legal aspect of HR management.  As a developing philanthropist, Anthony spends much of his free time making generous contributions to organizations through volunteering efforts. Additionally, Anthony enjoys being active through exercise, cycling, playing paintball, cooking and reading. Anthony is committed to helping anyone he can and serving all communities that he is part of. He gives people extremely valuable advice, mentorship and positive influence. “I really do feel like I can make a difference.”