Ashley Galante

Administrative Coordinator at KemperLesnik

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Having a degree in both health science and management has helped me tremendously in my current position.

One of the most difficult decisions facing high school graduates is the decision of a career and related educational route. Having switched her major four times, Ashley Galante came to Robert Morris University with the hopes that she would finally find a path towards pursuing her passions. At the Chicago campus, Galante found the answer she had been searching for. Galante completed her Bachelors of Professional Studies in Applied Health Sciences with a concentration in Fitness in 2012. She currently holds a position as the Administrative Coordinator at KemperLesnik, a sister company of The Buckingham Athletic Club where she formly worked. Ashley's position consists of a variety of responsibilities including public relations, sports marketing, and event management.

The BPS program at RMU gave Galante the necessary skills to help her turn her passions into a career. For example, in her 200 level marketing class, Galante designed a health and wellness plan, through which she gained vital knowledge necessary for her role at The Buckingham Athletic Club. Galante also had the opportunity to realize her ability to lead groups through various team projects, with the ultimate accomplishment of this skill showing through her selection as the Commencement Speaker at her graduation.

In her current position, Galante uses the bi-lateral aspects of her degree on a daily basis. She plays an active role in promotional outreach marketing for the club, which allows her to utilize the various business skills she learned at RMU. She also participates in setting up wellness clinics, teaching fitness courses, and planning healthy living social events. All these activities require Galante’s expert fitness knowledge, which was enhanced through the fitness classes at RMU. “Having a degree in both health science and management has helped me tremendously in my current position,” she explains.

Prior to attending RMU, Galante not only faced the obstacle of finding a health related major that she enjoyed, but also the personal struggle of defeating her eating disorder. Overcoming the disorder played a vital role in helping her decide to tie healthy living into her career path. Galante has been a volunteer for the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) since 2010. While at RMU, she was an active member of the organization as a NEDA Navigator and became the Chicago Event Manager upon graduating. Through this position, Galante has helped raise over $60,000 for the organization and has been recognized in local media for her efforts.

In the near future, Galante plans to expand her education in areas such as public and mental health. She would like to go into the nonprofit sector in a position that would allow her to continue pursuing her passions for health and business. Galante also plans to become involved with the RMU community through mentoring current students and volunteering at university events.

Ashley Galante’s determination to overcome obstacles has played a vital role in helping her pursue a successful career. Having come to RMU with only an idea of wanting to enter the health industry field, Galante came out as a strong leader who knew exactly what she wanted to keep doing for the rest of her life. As advice to incoming freshmen, she shares, “It’s okay to not know what you want to do when you are eighteen. Not everyone knows what they want to do. It’s okay to allow yourself to change and discover new interests – ultimately you will end up happier in the long run.”