Brandon Myles

Season Ticket Services and Retention Coordinator at Miami Heat

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The great thing about RMU programs [is that] they really instill skills like team work, communication, and leadership, so you can apply [them] in the real world.

Basketball has always been an important part of Brandon Myles’ life and he has turned this passion into a career. Myles attended Robert Morris University at the Springfield campus and graduated with his BBA in Management in 2010. He went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2012. After receiving his Master’s Degree, Myles worked as the Assistant Director of Marketing at the University of Miami. In October 2014, he landed a job with the Miami Heat as the Season Ticket Services and Retention Coordinator, marking the beginning of his career in the NBA.

While at RMU, Myles was a star athlete and student. He held many roles as Captain of the RMU Basketball team, a participant in the Eagle Scholar program, and a member of the Business Club. Myles finished his degree in two and a half years, which he views as one of his biggest accomplishments and one of the things that gave him the momentum to propel forward. One of his greatest moments at RMU was being the Class Representative Speaker at his Commencement Ceremony. “RMU gave me the confidence to get an education. The faculty, staff, and fellow students provided both academic and personal support which motivated me every day,” he recalls.

Not only did Myles receive a quality education, but he also gained valuable skills through his RMU experience. The classes and clubs at RMU taught him important team building skills, which make up 70% of his current job. Myles’ experience as an Eagle Scholar improved his leadership skills, as he imparted his confidence on incoming freshmen. “The great thing about RMU programs [is that] they really instill skills like team work, communication, and leadership, so you can apply [them] in the real world. Microsoft Excel is another big skill that I didn’t think that I would need but I use it every day,” explains Myles.

Since graduating, Myles has also focused in large part on giving back both to his local and RMU communities. He currently volunteers with Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Springfield and Miami. Every Thanksgiving season, he participates in a Turkey Drive, where he helps deliver turkeys to underprivileged families. He has also been a guest speaker at Springfield Southeast High School and for various Springfield travel basketball teams. At these events, he mentors and inspires students to pursue a higher education by sharing his story. Myles has also been a guest speaker for Professor Harden’s Management 101 class on a couple occasions, where he shared insight on career advice and motivated current RMU students.

Myles has several career goals for the future, although he has already achieved one of his biggest dreams. “My dream was always to play or work within the NBA [and] to get to this point by the age of 25 was a dream come true,” he states. As the current Season Ticket Services and Retention Coordinator for the Miami Heat, Myles hosts events with players and season ticket holders, ranging from autograph sessions to arena tours. Myles plans to transition from the business side of basketball to operations within the next five years, where he will participate in activities such as scouting, player development, and decision making. His ultimate goal is to be the General Manager of the NBA Franchise.

“Never settle if there is something you really want to do. An acronym that I use to live my life by is PADS – Passion, Attitude, Discipline, Sacrifice,” states Myles in regards to his motivation in life. He is grateful for the support that his family has provided throughout his life that has pushed him in his career.

The time both in and out of school has taught Myles that he has a lot more patience than what he expected to have, “I have realized that life is not always the way you want it. You just have got to work until you see results, and then keep working some more. I interviewed with Miami Heat three times. Patience and persistence is key. I was very disappointed the second time I was rejected for the position, but [I just had] to keep pushing because this was my dream and I was not giving up on it.”

Brandon Myles has turned his love for basketball into a lifelong career in the NBA through his hard work and determination. RMU was a pivotal player in his journey to the top and he shares the following wisdom with current and aspiring students, “You can see that my time at RMU has really paid off for me and I would recommend going to RMU to anyone. It was an amazing experience.”