Cassandra Petreuvski

Customer Service Representative at Corrugated Supplies Company

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Mistakes are inevitable, but they prove to be a valuable teaching tool.

For Cassandra Petrusevski, Robert Morris University has played a large role in her professional development. Cassi has earned her Associate degree in Culinary Arts, and both her Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration. Today, Cassi works as a Customer Service Representative at Corrugated Supplies Company (CSC), LLC. One of the most exciting memories she has while working with CSC thus far was being invited to fly in one of the company’s biggest customers to Salt Lake City, Utah and meet with the other company’s CEO and learn about that company’s processes so that her company could better cater to its customer. “It was an amazing experience and really made me feel valuable to the company. It was wonderful just to get the chance to watch these higher level meetings and see what could be in store for the future!”

Cassi has, and continues to take advantage of a number of opportunities for success throughout her time at Robert Morris University. “RMU has awarded me several very close mentors that have stuck with me throughout the years. I have been able to utilize these contacts as networks, mentors, and most importantly, friends.” Furthermore, Cassi says that in her current position, she has been utilizing more and more of the supply chain management issues which she was taught by her experienced professors. Cassi hopes to continue her career with CSC and to grow within the company as it expands into more cities.

Cassi possesses great leadership skills and is a highly motivated spirit. During her time at RMU she was extremely active outside of the classroom and she has continued to serve as an active alumna. Cassi is a member of Sigma Beta Delta and she was recently invited to present the keynote speech at the RMU Induction Ceremony in June, 2014. In addition, Cassi served as an RMU Representative at the Yes We Must Coalition Conference for the Student/ Alumni Panel in April of this year.  

A large contributor to her own professional success is a direct result of those who mentored Cassi at RMU. “Mentors truly play a huge part in an individual’s success and motivation because everyone wants to be recognized for their efforts.” Learning about the importance of mentorship, Cassi strives to be the best mentor she can be for anyone, in an effort to give back and pay it forward for those that have helped her. Cassi has always enjoyed mentoring other students and she is especially grateful for the opportunity to serve as an adjunct faculty member at Robert Morris University.

One of Cassi’s greatest strengths is maintaining relationships, both from a professional and personal standpoint.  She attributes many of her accomplishments to her ability to make connections with others, but also to her optimistic nature. It is a positive outlook propels her forward. Cassi stresses, “mistakes are inevitable, but they prove to be a valuable teaching tool. Plus, they can make for some pretty funny stories down the line,” a piece of advice she offers future graduates.  Flexibility, taking initiative and a positive outlook are key ingredients to achieving many goals in life.