CJ Muller

Attorney at Law Office of David Vlcek

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RMU changed the way I started to think about myself – and challenged me.

CJ Muller attended the Orland Park Campus and is a Robert Morris University graduate with Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Law Office Administration. After completing her bachelor degree, she pursued her Law Degree at John Marshall and has since passed the BAR exam and is serving as an Attorney at Law with the Law Office of David Vlcek since 2006. Apart from her position as an attorney, CJ serves as a board member for RMU’s paralegal advisory board, a committee member for a lawyer assistance program, and is a tutor for Minority Legal Education Resources. CJ also volunteers at her church in the Adult Activities Committee for seniors.

CJ has been on the Chicago/ Orland Park Paralegal Advisory Board since 2002 and has been a major contributor in updating the board with various information or changes from within the legal community. This may include the different software knowledge and key skills needed by paralegals in order for them to serve attorneys with all that is required of them. CJ also gives direct recommendations to the Dean and faculty and aids in the assessment of submissions from the program. As a board member, CJ was instrumental in helping with ABA (American Bar Association) approval in 2007 along with the current re-approval process. She also assists with the RMU mentoring program for Paralegal students, having successfully mentored several students. CJ has represented the Board annually for the last four years at the Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) inductions. CJ is a recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Advisory Board Member Award for her generous contributions of time and effort which she has given back to RMU.

In more than one way, RMU has helped CJ reach her goals. If it had not been for RMU, CJ believes she would not have found her confidence or discovered her strengths for “RMU changed the way I started to think about myself – and challenged me.” She was 43 when she enrolled in her first class – as a full time employee and mother. At the time, her general focus was on the numerous tasks as a mother and getting through the day. Robert Morris changed that for her. “RMU changed me – to think more academically.” CJ’s new confidence and mindset has allowed her to accomplish things she never thought possible. She feels blessed to be able to finish law school at the age of 51 and to pass the Bar Exam.

CJ is a recipient of many more awards thanks to her dedication and hard work. As a tutor for MLER since 2008, an organization which prepares students to take the Bar Exam, she provides students with the confidence and support for passing the exam. CJ recently received the Lloyd G Wheeler Leadership Award from MLER for her dedication and support. Additionally, CJ was honored with the James D. Jacobson Memorial Award for doing pro bono work on very large cases for The Chicago Legal Clinic Inc.

As a mentor, CJ often gives advice to RMU future graduates: “Always believe in yourself, strive for excellence.”  She points out there is a difference from striving for excellence and striving for perfection, and “perfection will make you crazy.”

Through her experience at Robert Morris, CJ learned that she can be of service to others by sharing knowledge. She says that by helping others, that same action helps her just as much and motivates her to continue to live a life of service.   “You are never done learning. So I like to help others figure that out – my experience has been a true gift.” With that same spirit and dedication CJ intends to continue to work as an attorney and learn even more as well as helping others in any way she can. “I am very happy where I am, I enjoy my work, my life.”