Cornelia Leach

MGSM MBA Student

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I was able to incorporate the knowledge I gained at Robert Morris University from my primary courses into my current professional life.

Cornelia is a graduate of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program. Currently, she is enrolled as a full time graduate student pursuing her MBA degree and a graduate assistant at Robert Morris University’s Chicago campus. Cornelia Leach is a very motivated, accomplished and talented individual. In addition to her studies at RMU, she volunteers as an Orientation Leader for the Eagle Scholars mentoring program for freshman assisting with the transition from high school to college, guiding their initial RMU experience. She has also worked as the Manager for the Women’s Volleyball Team for two consecutive seasons.

Cornelia is also extremely active within the Chicago community. Outside of RMU, Cornelia dedicates much of her time volunteering for a toy drive at Comer Children’s Hospital, she volunteers with, Jean Drive, Mirror Message, Valentine’s Day Cards for Elderly as well as aids with Loyola Summer Scholar Book and Backpack Drives. Throughout most of her life, she has been engaged in National American Miss (NAM) Pageant where she competes against over 600 contestants, held the title of Miss Illinois, competed in California and placed in the top 10.

Cornelia credits her Career Management courses at RMU for much of her professional accomplishments. “I was able to incorporate the knowledge I gained at Robert Morris University from my primary courses into my current professional life by continuing to keep my resume updated, connecting with individuals on LinkedIn which was suggested in my CMT class, always keeping up to date with business and networking with as many individuals as I can on a daily basis… Robert Morris has taught me a lot about myself while growing in college.” She also believes that the faculty and staff have given her the motivational energy needed, as the “ the professors believe in you more than you believe in yourself – that has helped me get through and to become better prepared for the real world.” Cornelia feels all that she learned in the classroom, she can apply to the real world. “Things that I believe helped me move forward in my career would be the countless times I had to present in class, or the papers I had to turn in with minimal to none grammatical errors. Each shaped me to become a better more fluid public speaker, and a wiser writer.” In addition to, she states that “Robert Morris University has helped me in reaching my career goals from the beginning… from public speaking in class, to group projects and problem solving, Robert Morris has helped build my confidence…” It’s these and other critical thinking skills which RMU provided Cornelia that gave her smooth transition to the professional environment. After she graduates with her MBA, Cornelia looks forward to working at her family business in Texas.

Cornelia passionately states that “RMU has helped my growth not only professionally, but as an individual in the world we live in today! I thank all my professors for taking extra steps to help shape my personality for my future career path.”