Jonathan Eisler

Director of Perspectives Organizational Consulting Group

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Follow your curiosities, never stop learning, always ask questions, and don’t underestimate the power of relationships.

Education never stops, especially for those who always look for ways to gain new skills and immerse themselves in situations that allow personal growth. Even though Jonathan Eisler had completed several degrees, he saw many opportunities in his current work with the pursuit of an MBA. He chose Robert Morris University as the place to accomplish his goal of a second master’s degree. Eisler holds a BA in Psychology, a MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and an MBA from the Morris Graduate School of Management. Currently, he works full-time as the Director of Perspectives Organizational Consulting Group. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Chicago School of Shoemaking.

The unique learning opportunities at Morris Graduate School of Management helped Eisler gain new perspectives on his various job roles. The diversity of the faculty and student body played a pivotal role during his time at RMU. “The diversity of my classmates while at MGSM enabled learnings to take place that were based on personal and real world experience and therefore easily transferable to my job and the work I do,” reflects Eisler.

The time spent at RMU has allowed Eisler to grow within his work roles in various ways. The learnings MGSM provided around business operations, service management, and corporate finance have helped Eisler triple the business at The Chicago School of Shoemaking in just two years. In his current consulting role, Eisler works with organizations on effectively focusing on their people practices that positively impact the bottom line. “Since obtaining my MBA, I have been able to see new opportunities within business operations and have been able to better connect with CFOs, CEOs, and COOs within my client organizations. I’ve received feedback that clients appreciate my ability to tie the ‘soft’ side of business to the bottom line metrics and principles the senior executives are concerned with,” he shares.

Since completing his MBA, Eisler has continued his involvement at the RMU community, both through student outreach, as well as Alumni contributions. He has been a guest speaker during a Morris Women event, as well as a speaker on a panel where he shared his education experiences to current students. In March, Eisler will be the Alumni guest speaker at the monthly Brown Bag Lunch Series event. The presentation is aimed at helping current students and alumni in the job search process, specifically by turning their current network into a source of referrals and job leads.

Eisler’s passion for his career spans beyond his full-time job, as seen through his dedicated involvement in numerous Chicagoland organizations. He currently holds the role as Vice President of Programming for The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits. In this position, Eisler manages the Programming Committee and coordinates all aspects of the organization’s four programs and Annual Meeting. He also manages sponsorships and provides strategic leadership for the association. Another organization where Eisler volunteers his time is the Chicago Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM), where he serves on the Strategic Ambassador Committee. In this role, he helps establish and nurture long-term strategic relationships between SHRM and Chicago based HR leaders.

While some graduates create concrete plans of future position titles and dream employers, Eisler has developed broader and more encompassing goals for his career. His visions center on continuing to help organizations operate more efficiently and productively by making sure the employees are supported and well-equipped for their job responsibilities. “Where I do this and what my title is are less important to me than having a positive impact on individuals and organizations throughout my work on a daily basis,” he states.

Jonathan Eisler has achieved great success in his career, in large part due to his ongoing determination and desire to learn. He has distinguished himself among his peers, clients, and co-workers as someone who is strongly committed to making a difference in the world. Eisler shares these words of advice to current and alumni students, “Follow your curiosities, never stop learning, always ask questions, and don’t underestimate the power of relationships.”