Tony Frais

Tony Frais

Distribution Area Supervisor, Home Depot

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“Don’t be surprised if you find me missing from my desk and you see me out there slinging packages with my employees.”

Tony Frais, an ambitious man, is on the road to success. Not many can say that they survived three near death experiences and live to tell the story. But for Tony, he can add that to his resume and so much more. As a former US Marine serving from 2003-2007, Tony knows about hard work and determination. “I’m actually lucky to be alive,” he says. Having lived through many traumatic events including a rocket grenade exploding just inches away from his face while on active duty in Iraq, Tony is one of the most dedicated individuals both to his country and fellow veterans. After serving over four years with the US Marines, Tony knew he wanted to continue to expand his duties to his country. Having worked in logistics as a Marine, Tony decided to pair his experience with the pursuit of an education that would allow him to build upon many of his strengths.  At Robert Morris University, Tony chose a major in business administration and management because of his passion to lead and help others. Excelling as an undergraduate student, he decided to take his education a step further and immediately enrolled in the Morris Graduate School of Management program working toward his MBA. Tony plans to receive his MBA degree in Spring 2014.

Tony currently volunteers as a teaching assistant at Robert Morris for multiple undergraduate courses under the direction of Dr. Ed Dixon and Karen Novey, assisting in management and excel courses. In addition to his responsibilities as a full-time student and teaching assistant, Tony also works as the Distribution Area Supervisor at Home Depot. When asked about his position, Tony describes himself as a hands-on type of manager and doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves to help out his team. “Don’t be surprised if you find me missing from my desk and you see me out there slinging packages with my employees,” he says proudly.

Tony may have a busy schedule, but he has not forgotten the importance of service to his country and makes sure to set aside time to volunteer with military veterans. As a former Marine, he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder and as a result he knows first hand what new battles many veterans face once they return to civilian life.  In an attempt to give back to his military community at Robert Morris University, Tony organized a center for veteran students suffering from the disorder to receive additional support and counseling. Tony has since been recognized by the Robert Morris University administration and the veteran students he works with for his passion and efforts in improving the lives and mental health of those in need.

Tony believes the culmination of everything he is learning as a student at Robert Morris University, as a teaching assistant, a volunteer, and a supervisor will enhance his future business plans and says, “My end goal is to set aside a certain amount of money each month to build enough capital to start my own business.” We wish you the best of luck as you continue down the path of success, Tony!