Lauren Beirne

Northwestern Memorial Healthcare, Accreditation, Clinical Compliance and Policy Management Manager

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Always remember to be yourself, ask questions, go with your gut, embrace your young age…and never stop creating opportunities to learn more.

Visions of future paths leading to specific careers do not always become reality, as we encounter opportunities that take us into new uncharted territories, opening our eyes to new ideas we may not have considered before. Lauren Beirne had always envisioned herself in sterile scrubs, assisting with an orthopedic case in a world renowned hospital operating room. However, one day she had an epiphany and it was then that she realized this career path did not truly satisfy her. As she began her studies at Robert Morris University in Surg Tech, her focus soon turned and her next step would be in attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Applied Health Sciences.

Beirne primarily attended the Chicago campus where she gained valuable skills and experience that helped create her new career vision. While at RMU, Beirne took on an internship opportunity that exposed her to real-life experience in healthcare management, which helped to validate her change in course. Not entirely sure about which aspect of healthcare management to zero in on, Beirne turned to her RMU guidance counselor for advice. This led her in pursuit of an internship in patient safety and risk management at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The unique programs at RMU helped Beirne attain valuable skills for her internship and future career. The accelerated program and year-round classes showed her the importance of time management and prioritization. “With RMU being a small institution with small class sizes, I learned the importance of accountability and team work. In a class of 20-25 students, missing a day was very noticeable,” she reflects. Learning and being exposed to this kind of environment prepared Berine for her career, which came only a day after completing her Bachelor’s Degree at RMU when Beirne was offered a full-time position at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a Program Assistant.

Since her days as an intern at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Beirne has returned to RMU to completed her Master of Management with a concentration in Health Care Administration. She has also worked as a Program Assistant in Business Administration, a Program Leader in Occupational Health and Employee Safety, and currently holds the role of Accreditation, Clinical Compliance and Policy Management Manager at Northwestern Memorial Healthcare.

Beirne’s passion in her career has allowed her to advance quickly within her company, while being acknowledged for her numerous achievements. Specifically, she has been selected to travel to both local and national conferences to represent the company. She has also earned the level of “exceptional” for overall performance over the past three years. In the next five years, Beirne sees herself advancing in accreditation and compliance areas, exploring certification opportunities, traveling, and completing a volunteer trip overseas. “I enjoy knowing that what I do every day makes a difference in someone’s life. I may not have one-on-one patient contact as a nurse or physician would because a lot of my job entails behind the scenes work, but my policies make the hospital a safer place,” she states.

While being highly involved at her workplace, Beirne also spends time helping out the local community. She currently holds a role as a Professional Board Member of Imerman Angels, a one-on-one cancer support connections non-profit organization. Beirne has also chaired as Vice President of Events for one year with the organization. She helps raise awareness and funds, volunteers for galas and fundraisers, and runs on behalf of the organization in 5Ks, 8Ks and her first sprint triathlon this summer. Recently, Beirne was also accepted into the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program as a Big Sister in the Site Based Mentoring Program. She engages in a combination of one-on-one time and group activities focused on the social and emotional development of youth themes. Beirne has also given back to the RMU community as a mentor for the Alumni Mentoring Program and as a member of the Graduate Alumni Advisory Board.

Through her career experiences, Beirne believes there are several ways for one to move forward in his or her career path. She suggests attending conferences, joining professional organizations, and pursuing certifications as a way to put oneself out there and create valuable networking opportunities. “However, the way in which you display and highlight your qualities of someone who wants to take the next step in their career can only be delivered in a nontangible form using your personality and professionalism. Demonstrating a positive outlook with a humble demeanor speaks volumes,” she advises.

Lauren Beirne is a role model for many current RMU students who are not entirely sure of their career paths. Her determination and motivation have helped her attain many personal and professional accomplishments. As advice to current students, Beirne shares, “Always remember to be yourself, ask questions (even if you think they sound stupid), go with your gut, embrace your young age…and never stop creating opportunities to learn more. Lastly and arguably most importantly, work to live, don’t live to work!”